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Lumbar Pillows (available in assorted colors)

Lumbar PillowsLumbar Pillows


Cervical Pillows

Cervical Pillow Cervical Pillow

Cervical Pillow

Therapeutica Pillow

Therapeutica Cervical Pillow Horseshoe Neck Pillow


Biofreeze - Gel or Roll on

BiofreezeBiofreeze Roll on


Ice/Cold Pack


Ice PackTENS Unit

Memory Foam Pillows

Neck/Cervical Roll and Knee Pillow

Memory Foam PillowMemory Foam PillowNeck Roll  and Knee Pillow

Foot Levelers - Spinal Pelvic Stabilizer - Orthotic

Leg Wedge

Leg Wedge

Body Balls - All Sizes by Valeo ......Thera - Band Exercise Balls and Bands


Saunders Sport All

Low Back Supports / Brace

Saunders Sport AllLumbar Brace


  • Neck Supports - Collars

  • Braces for Extremity

  • Ear Candles

  • Traction Devices - For Neck and Low Back Use