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Chiropractic Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Helene Levinson for 15 years. I had an accident 3 years prior where I was hit on my occipital bone in the back of my head by a run-a-way golf ball. I was carried off the course on a gurney and my head felt like a bowling ball. I did have a concussion for 3 days. Before I started going to her I lived with neck pain and horrible headaches. Dr. Helene is the only chiropractor I have been to all this time. She is the only one I trust as she knows my needs and knows I am hard to adjust. Since I have been going to her twice a month for my adjustment I have fewer headaches/neck pain and cannot live without her.

Six months ago I was in the emergency room with severe dizziness and my eyes were jumping around like ping pong balls. They diagnosed me with "benign positional vertigo." They gave me 10 mg of valium for 7 days. It went away. Three months ago I had it again and my doctor wanted to give me valium again. I was in for my regular adjustment and talking to Dr. Helene about it. She said she had a treatment that would only take a few minutes and would get rid of my vertigo with just a few treatments. I was really excited to try it. After her treatment the next day I had some dizziness, but, after that day, it completely went away. I have been vertigo free now for months. She still gives me the treatment when I go in for my regular adjustment just to keep me free of vertigo.

I cannot tell you how happy I am she suggested this treatment for me. It is totally painless, takes less than 5 minutes, and I don't have to take a control substance to get rid of it. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone that is suffering from vertigo or on drugs to help you. It is worth a try and I know you won't be disappointed!

-Sharon Meier -- Atlanta, Georgia


It's all true and from the heart!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! Dr. Levinson Patient testimonial

"I know that there are numerous chiropractors located in Atlanta, but after I saw Dr. Helene Levinson and her staff for several weeks, & noticed my body healing because of proper alignment, I knew I made the right decision. I had seen 3 chiropractors in the 14 months leading up to my changing to Dr. Helene Levinson. In that 14 month time period, the other chiropractic practices only increased my pain or provided temporary relief while I was on a 4x/week schedule with them. They were constantly trying new gimmicks, gadgets & tricks on me that didn't work in correcting my alignment issues. One actually made my breathing problems worse & I had to be rushed to the ER that evening!

I've suffered from scoliosis since I was a child and took part in sports as a teen & young adult. With the added stress of pregnancy in my 20"s & further injury to my back while I was working as a nurse, the condition of my back, spine & general health declined over the years. By the time I found myself at Levinson Chiropractic, I was literally hunched over in constant pain, with a noticeable knot in my neck; I also suffered from breathing problems, issues sleeping, pelvic pains, leg cramps & major migraines on a daily basis. Within 6 months of seeing Dr. Helene Levinson, she was able to bring my pain down significantly as well as rid me of my bothersome migraines. Within a year of being a patient of Dr. Levinson's, I was able to reduce my visits, and 2 years later I am happy to say I only see them for maintenance adjustments. I can now happily say I am free from migraines, my leg cramps and pelvic pains have gone away because I have better blood flow and alignment. I no longer have a need for my asthma medications and don't have any issues breathing. I sleep better after my adjustments and wake up feeling invigorated the next morning, and most importantly the bulging C4 is now aligned and I rarely have neck pain at the same level of pain I used to have before seeing Dr. Helene Levinson.

Dr. Helene provides gentle, knowledgeable hands and she and her staff have a clear understanding of the human bodies alignment. I am proof that chiropractic does work, especially if it 's at the hands of Dr. Helene Levinson "

- D. Ikpe


Dr. Levinson Patient TestimonialAs a former professional ballerina, I had put much pressure and many miles on my back. Later in life I found that my daily workouts at the gym would cause me extreme pain. This was largely due to scoliosis, a spondylo, and my herniated discs. In order to keep the pain at a minimum, chiropractic treamtnets were a necessity for me, but they were not a cure. The in 19995 my chiropractic husband helped to introduce the VAX-D techonolgy into the Southeastern U.S. I was probably one of the first VAX-D patients in the area. After a few treatments I could feel the pressure being released from my spine. VAX-D was a miracle for me; it worked better on my lower back than chiropractic treatments ever did. Following a year of weekly treatments, I found that I only needed treatments once a month. After my husband's death I experiemented with many different techonologies which promised better results than what VAX-D could deliver. These technologies did not help me at all and only added to my pain.

I was so thrilled to find Dr. Levinson's office. She put together a program for me: VAX for my back and chiropractic adjustments for my neck. I am thrilled to be back with VAX-D, my miracle cure. Many medical treatments will only cover pain, but VAX-D actually cures it. The back is stretched, and the discs are made young and plump again. And I feel young again too! I can now do everything that I did when I was ayoung ballerina, and without the pain. While ballet is no longer my dance, I have chosen ballroom dancing instead. I dance about four times and week and work out almost daily. I also enjoy 27 mile rides on a single speed when I visit Florida several times a year. Dr. Levinson is helping to keep me young and free from pain. I am so grateful for her expertise and her very compassionate personality. Dr. Helene and her staff are the best!

-June C.