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Eat Your Vegetables!

vol vegetablesondish jpg 0Of course, most all of us know that eating our vegetables is a healthy thing to do. New research continues to accumulate supporting the premise that we don’t take this advice lightly. In a recent study on mice, a diet plentiful on broccoli, carrots, green beans, corn and peas resulted in significantly less artery narrowing than their little counterparts who weren’t provided a diet containing vegetables. There was also a reduction in cholesterol levels. Even though the study was conducted on mice, researchers were excited that this new study clearly showed a diet rich in vegetables had significant cardiovascular benefits of which can very likely be extended to humans, especially in preventing the formation and progression of atherosclerosis, a condition marked by plaquing/thickening of the artery walls that frequently leads to heart attack and stroke.

Source: Journal of Nutrition, July/August 2006.