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Eat Fish, Stay Smarter Longer

According to the experts, eating fish can keep your mentally sharp. In a recent study, researchers found elderly people who eat fish at least once per week had the mental functioning of a person three years younger than their chronological age. Those eating fish twice or more weekly functioned at four years their younger. Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, one of which is DHA. DHA is essential for brain development early in life and may be beneficial later in life as well. However, a separate analysis of omega-3 fatty acid consumption did not find it affected cognitive function. Researchers felt this could have been because their information may not have been precise enough. The researchers have since launched another study to look specifically at the effect of these nutrients on mental function. In any event, the findings do suggest eating fish protects the brain, either through its own fatty acid content or by knocking foods high in saturated fat, like red meat, off the menu.

Source: Archives of Neurology. December 2005.